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For the 24-25 season, come to Les Sybelles from 14 December 2024 to 11 April 2025!


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L OUILLON - 2431m

Updated on 28/05/2024 at 10:48

  • Morning 1°C
  • Afternoon 5°C
  • Wind12 km/h NE
  • Snow depth120 cm
  • Snow qualitySpring
  • Avalanche risk 2/5 Moderate
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Ski Joëring & Pony sledging

Ski Joëring & Pony sledging at Les Sybelles

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Ski Joëring & Pony sledging at Les Sybelles


and nature

In the heart of the Sybelles, Saint-Jean-d’Arves offers an exceptional winter experience with joëring skiing and pony sledging, family activities that combine the pleasure of skiing with a love of animals. Ski joëring, an ancestral practice in which skis are pulled by a horse, offers a unique sensation of communion with nature. Pony sledging, ideal for younger children, offers a fun ride on a sledge pulled by a pony. These original activities allow you to discover the snow-covered landscapes of Saint-Jean-d’Arves from a different angle, promising unforgettable memories for young and old alike.

Where to find

Ski Joëring & Pony sledging

Les Cavaliers des Arves

📍Saint Jean d'Arves

Come and discover ski joëring and pony sledging at the Saint Jean d'Arves riding centre.
You can also go for pony and horse rides.

Ski Joëring and pony tobogganing at Les Sybelles represent two fascinating facets of winter activities that combine the pleasure of sliding with the magic of animal complicity. In the enchanting setting of the French Alps, these activities offer a unique experience, far from the traditional ski slopes, inviting young and old alike to discover the joys of the snow in an original and environmentally-friendly way.

Ski Joering for an unforgettable experience

Ski Joëring, a Scandinavian tradition, is practised here with an Alpine twist. Equipped with skis, participants are pulled by a horse through the snowy landscape of Les Sybelles. This discipline, which doesn’t require any previous equestrian skills, calls on balance and coordination, offering a feeling of freedom and speed on the snow. Guided by passionate professionals, everyone can experience the unique harmony between man and animal while admiring the splendour of the surrounding mountains.

Pony sledging for a family experience

Pony sledging is particularly popular with families. Children, comfortably seated in a small sledge, are pulled by a pony under the attentive supervision of a guide. It’s a gentle and enchanting way to introduce youngsters to the joys of the snow, while allowing them to bond with the ponies. Smiles light up faces at every turn along the way, making this an unforgettable experience for families.

These activities invite visitors to slow down, enjoy the moment and reconnect with nature. Ski Joëring and pony sledging at Les Sybelles are more than just leisure activities; they are a gateway to moments of sharing, wonder and discovery, in the heart of one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Alps.