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For the 24-25 season, come to Les Sybelles from 14 December 2024 to 11 April 2025!


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L OUILLON - 2431m

Updated on 28/05/2024 at 10:48

  • Morning 1°C
  • Afternoon 5°C
  • Wind12 km/h NE
  • Snow depth120 cm
  • Snow qualitySpring
  • Avalanche risk 2/5 Moderate
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Freeride and off-piste

Off-piste and freeride at Les Sybelles.

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Freeride and off-piste

Discover the ski area


Accompanied by a mountain guide, you’ll take to the best off-piste spots in the Sybelles® ski area to discover powder skiing or snowboarding to your heart’s content. As a family, solo or with friends, you will first use the ski lifts and then follow the guide off the beaten track, away from the ski area, for several descents over half a day or the whole day, on slopes of varying steepness depending on your skiing ability.

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📍The whole Les Sybelles ski area

The Sybelles ski area has 4 freeride slopes for the pleasure of natural skiing.
Go to the Perdrix, Bartavelle and Perrons Bas pistes on the Saint Sorlin side and the Jonquilles piste on the Corbier side and enjoy these pistes, which are left in their natural state but are nevertheless safe and signposted.


📍 Le Corbier

Ski and snowboard lessons for all ages and levels.
Other activities: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, off-piste skiing, handiskiing.

Sybelles hors pistes - High mountain guide

📍Saint Jean d'Arves - Saint Sorlin d'Arves

Half-day or full-day outings for individuals and groups
Groups of up to 6 people


📍La Toussuire

Ski and snowboard lessons for all ages and levels.
Other activities: snowshoeing, handiskiing, taxiskiing, telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain skiing, off-piste skiing.

Arvan Evasion

📍Le Corbier

Arvan Evasion will show you the best off-piste itineraries in your resort.
Away from the crowds, access the gates of unlimited freeride skiing and take advantage of the ski lifts for maximum downhill pleasure.
An exceptional day supervised by a mountain guide to discover the pristine, white-spotted slopes of the Sybelles ski area.

Les Sybelles, with its vast interconnected ski area, is a paradise for freeriders and off-piste skiers. This region of the French Alps, renowned for its breathtaking panoramas and expanses of virgin snow, attracts skiers and snowboarders in search of adrenalin and freedom every year. Exploring off-piste at Les Sybelles is an unforgettable adventure in an exceptional mountain environment, far from the crowds and groomed pistes.

Freeriding in Les Sybelles

Freeriding at Les Sybelles is a unique experience, where the sensation of carving your own path through the powder becomes a moment of pure bliss. The vast fields of snow, gentle slopes and challenging couloirs are perfect for all levels of ability and all tastes. This sport, synonymous with freedom, nevertheless requires serious preparation and an in-depth knowledge of the mountains. Safety is the top priority, and this means observing the rules of caution and using appropriate equipment such as avalanche transceivers, shovels and probes.

Freeride under the supervision of instructors

For those who are new to freeride or off-piste skiing, or who want to perfect their techniques in complete safety, Les Sybelles offers supervision by experienced guides and instructors. These mountain professionals share not only their knowledge of the terrain, but also their passion for skiing in the great outdoors. They provide an enriching experience, allowing you to explore the hidden corners of the resort while learning to assess the risks associated with off-piste skiing.

Freeride areas for all abilities

  • L’Ouillon: This area, often considered the heart of Les Sybelles, offers accessible freeride zones, perfect for those new to off-piste skiing. The topography varies from gentle slopes to more rugged areas, ideal for getting to grips with ungroomed snow in complete safety.
  • Jonquille and Perdrix: For freeriders looking for a challenge, these slopes are an excellent choice. Steeper and more technical, they require a good command of skiing or snowboarding in deep snow. The wild beauty of this area promises memorable descents in breathtaking surroundings.
  • La Balme: Known for its vast expanses of untouched snow, La Balme is an invitation to discover spectacular mountain scenery. The off-piste itineraries here are varied, offering both gentle slopes for powder rides and more committed sectors for freeriders.

Before venturing into these freeride areas, it is crucial to take into account the weather and avalanche conditions. Safety equipment is compulsory (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) and the accompaniment of a mountain guide is strongly recommended, especially for those exploring these areas for the first time. Les Sybelles offers an exceptional freeride experience, combining the pleasure of skiing with respect for nature.