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For the 24-25 season, come to Les Sybelles from 14 December 2024 to 11 April 2025!


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L OUILLON - 2431m

Updated on 28/05/2024 at 10:48

  • Morning 1°C
  • Afternoon 5°C
  • Wind12 km/h NE
  • Snow depth120 cm
  • Snow qualitySpring
  • Avalanche risk 2/5 Moderate
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the Arves honey house

Miellerie des Arves in Les Sybelles®.

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A pedagogical approach

A unique


Opposite the Aiguilles d’Arves, in the commune of Saint-Jean-d’Arves, you’ll find the Miellerie des Arves, an educational farm entirely dedicated to the production of a unique honey: Rhododendron honey from the Col de la Croix de Fer.
Made with passion and exceptional know-how, this product will be a real touch of sweetness during your stay and will allow you to take home a piece of our mountains to prolong the pleasure.


Where to find

Arves honey house

Arves honey factory

📍Saint Jean d'Arves

Made in the valley and on the slopes of the Sybelles pistes by Sébastien Duraz, discover acacia honey, rhododendron honey, spring honey and all the flowers of the mountain pastures... A sweet, natural treat to be enjoyed without moderation.

Prices from €5.50/pot

La Miellerie des Arves, situated in Saint-Jean-d’Arves, in the ski domain of the Sybelles, is a veritable regional region based on the richness of the alpine nature with its délicieux products. Since there is a picture frame, the artisanal craftsmanship is uncontourable for the amateurs of the miel and the curious desires of the secrets of the fabrication of the miel.

A passion for apicultures

La Miellerie des Arves is the conductor of the apiculteurs passionnés qui perpétuent a savoir-faire ancestral transmission of generations and generations. These experts reveal that they are prepared for a meal without any problems because of the fruit they are trained in and their professional respect for the environment and their environment.
La miellerie proposes a variety of unique varieties, a variety that reflects the flowers and plants that thrive in the environment of the mountains. Parmi les miels les plus populares figurest le miel de montagne, le miel de fleurs sauvages et le miel de sapin, chacun offrant des arômes et des saveurs distincts qui captivent les papilles.
And besides, the Miellerie des Arves proposes a range of products derived from the ruffle, including the propolis, the royal gel and the cire d’abeille. The production methods used to produce the best quality products allow for a natural method of reinforcing the immune system and promoting the bien-être general.

Venez visit the miellerie des Arves

Outside of the production market, the Arves Market proposes a method for visiting guides and demonstrations to help visitors discover the world of fascination with abeilles and apiculture. These visits are open to the eyes of the techniques of the extraction process, the extraction process and the condition, as well as the environmental aspects of the preservation of the abeilles and the habitat.

The production process of the Arves in Saint-Jean-d’Arves is also simple. It is a sanctuary dédié according to the preservation of nature, according to the celebration of the authentic preservation and transmission of its heritage. A visit to the Miellerie des Arves is an experience enriching your senses and experiences, offering you a unique aperitif from the mountains of the Sybelles.