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For the 24-25 season, come to Les Sybelles from 14 December 2024 to 11 April 2025!


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L OUILLON - 2431m

Updated on 23/07/2024 at 5:48

  • Morning 10°C
  • Afternoon 14°C
  • Wind5 km/h W
  • Snow depth120 cm
  • Snow qualitySpring
  • Avalanche risk 2/5 Moderate
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10 security rules at Les Sybelles®



Sybelles ski area

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Unlike the Highway Code, there is no such thing as a “Snow Code”. However, certain rules must be known by all and applied by the users of the slopes, skiers or snowboarders. Their purpose is to avoid accidents in the ski area. In order to ski safely on the slopes of Les Sybelles, here are the 10 rules to respect:

1. Preparation

It is important to know your physical condition before a good day on the slopes. Warming up before skiing, as before any sport, helps to limit the risk of injury.

Discover a video with Joséphine: how to warm up before skiing

I warm up before starting my first track.

2. Signage

The Sybelles teams ensure the safety of all ski lovers! The installation of beacons, flames and signposts allow you to enjoy the ski area to the full and respect everyone.

I respect the signs on the slopes and on the ski lifts.

3. Trajectory and anticipation

Trajectory is the key to safety on the slopes! When crossing the slopes, it is important to anticipate and observe what is happening around you. It is also important to control your speed and adapt it to that of other skiers.

I am aware of everything around me.

4. Priority

The skiers below me always have priority. The skier below (on the valley side) has priority over the skier above (on the mountain side). When a skier overtakes, he must anticipate the movements of the skier he is overtaking and ensure his safety: he must not cut off the path of the skier below.

The skier below me has priority.

5. Live info / Weather

In order to adapt your skiing, it is important to know the weather, the snow cover and the risk of avalanche of the day before going skiing. The application allows you to obtain this information as well as the opening of the slopes in real time.

I keep myself informed about the weather, snow conditions and the opening of the slopes.

6. Equipment

Warm clothes, well-adjusted and checked equipment allow you to ski in complete serenity! Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. We recommend that you have your equipment checked by a professional before taking advantage of our 136 pistes. Discover Justine’s tutorial, the owner of ski rental company in Les Sybelles, who advises you on how to properly equip yourself for skiing.

Discover a video with Justine: how to equip for skiing

My helmet and bindings are well adjusted and checked by a professional.

7. Ability

At Les Sybelles, the beginners’ areas and the slopes are safe and marked out to allow everyone to select their own route according to their level. All users of the slopes must adjust their speed and behaviour according not only to their personal ability, but also to the terrain, weather, snow conditions and traffic density. One of the most important rules for skiers is to always be in full control.

I adapt my choice of tracks and my speed to my level.

8. Stop

Want to admire the panorama of the Sybelles or take a souvenir photo? Don’t stop in the middle of the slope! When stopping during a descent, do not stand in the middle of the slope, in a narrow passage or without visibility. In case of a fall, the skier must clear the slope as quickly as possible.

Stop at the side of the slope in a clear area.

9. Respect

Users of the slope must ensure that their actions or equipment do not endanger or injure others. The speed, trajectory or behaviour of a skier must not hinder others.

I respect others by applying the security rules of Les Sybelles.

10. Rescue

On the Sybelles slopes, mutual aid and solidarity are essential. If a user witnesses an accident, he/she must call the emergency services via the Sybelles’ single number and assist the victim. It is also important to make your identity known as a witness to an accident, whether you are responsible or not.

I call the emergency services and help if I witness an accident.

During a ski session, we all want the same thing: to enjoy ourselves, have fun, and ride in a safe and good atmosphere! Applying these rules is therefore essential for us all to enjoy skiing at Les Sybelles.

NB : When you buy your ski pass, we advise you to subscribe to the Carré Neige insurance.