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For the 24-25 season, come to Les Sybelles from 14 December 2024 to 11 April 2025!


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L OUILLON - 2431m

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  • Morning 10°C
  • Afternoon 14°C
  • Wind5 km/h W
  • Snow depth120 cm
  • Snow qualitySpring
  • Avalanche risk 2/5 Moderate
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La Toussuire

The Stéphane and Laurence slope

This beautiful red run was the favorite gliding terrain of two La Toussuire ski patrollers (lien article aymeric vadam UK) who unfortunately passed away in 2010. It is accessed by the detachable Bellard chairlift. Quite unknown because skiers mainly take the Marmotte blue run or the Bellard red run next to it, it is very diversified: with a small wall at the start, a flat area then a last more hilly part, well groomed, little exposed to the sun (only in the morning and early afternoon in December and January) and relatively straight, there are no pitfalls, you can easily find your rhythm on it. So it lends itself well to speed. If you take a break, as it passes next to the JP.Augert slalom stadium, it offers a good view of the races that take place there.


In Saint-Jean-d’Arves

The milk trail

This blue run was created at the same time as the Charvin Express detachable chairlift. Specifically, another trail had existed a very long time ago, then was abandoned and became an off-trail. In 2016, it was traced and reprofiled. It does not present any particular difficulties, and really allows you to glide quietly to Saint-Jean-d’Arves in ten to fifteen minutes, taking advantage of the very open panorama, especially on the Aiguilles d’Arves. We also have a very nice view of the Saint-Sorlin glacier and the Arvan valley, particularly preserved and authentic, with a real mountain atmosphere. For the record, it is so called because it is the path taken by the herds of dairy cows from the three farms in the hamlet of La Chal to reach the mountain pastures in the summer. It is also by this track that the farmers bring back the milk for the production of Beaufort. It is exposed south, which allows it to benefit from good sunshine, even in December or January. And as it is covered by artificial snow, you can ski on it until around mid-April.


To Boots

The Chavonnerie trail

After taking the Grand Truc chairlift at La Toussuire and descending the eponymous red run, this descent back to Les Bottières offers a total drop of 900m. It leads to a hilly part which leads to a mountain pasture chalet (mostly used in summer), then descends between the arcosses (green alder which is found a lot in the mountain pastures of the valley) and you reach the Chavonnerie plateau. . At the end, we evolve on a beautiful red track with a generally hilly profile, with slopes that do not exceed 30 degrees, where you can easily make large curves. The snow is great there, you can enjoy a total change of scenery and a very beautiful view of the Chatelard, the Aiguilles d’Arves, Mont Charvin and the Maurienne valley.

À Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves

La Balme slope

Meet at the top of the Plan du Moulin chairlift in St Sorlin d’Arves to hurtle down the beautiful red run of La Balme. La balme in patois means “the cave”. This La Balme mountain, the 1st sector of the St Sorlin ski area, was once frequented by prehistoric populations who lived in caves, particularly in the Combe de la Balme. The red slope of La Balme facing East facing the Aiguilles d’Arves offers a nice slope (35% on average). It has a so-called “alpine” track profile with beautiful breaks in slope and a panoramic view (lien article top 6 panoramas UK)  over the Arves valley and the village.

Note that La Balme reminds us all of Pierre Balmain. On his death his ashes were scattered in the combe de la Balme in remembrance of his family ties here in the village.


Le Corbier

Great Mop trail

Starting from the top of the Sybelles Express detachable chairlift, this long and beautiful blue run – route going around the Pointe du Corbier and heading towards the St Jean d’Arves sector, is the emblematic run of Le Corbier. After the construction in 1969 of the 3rd generation resort of Le Corbier, this new resort made of concrete and glass and offering ski-to-door access to customers is the place to be for artists and celebrities from all over Paris. The resort was nicknamed “Le Saint Germain des Neiges”. This 3.2 km long track with a height difference of 500 m was named after the film La Grande Vadrouille released in 1966 in French cinemas and which still remains today an unequaled record in French film production.