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From 16 December 2023 to 12 April 2024 (26 March for Saint-Colomban-des-Villards).


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L OUILLON - 2431m

Updated on 21/04/2024 at 5:48

  • Morning -5°C
  • Afternoon -5°C
  • Wind3 km/h E
  • Snow depth120 cm
  • Snow qualitySpring
  • Avalanche risk 2/5 Moderate
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Slope openings and lifts


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  • Blue track0/24
  • Green tracks0/8
  • Red track0/18
  • Black track0/2
  • Detachable chairlifts0/4
  • Gondolas0/5
  • Surface lifts0/9
  • Gondola0/1
  • Magic carpets0/2
Opening slopes and lifts

Road conditions

Road conditions


the swincar

Swincar in Les Sybelles.

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Swincar in Les Sybelles®


summer and winter

The swincar is a 100% electric all-terrain vehicle. Its pendular system ensures perfect balance and good crossing capacity.

When you arrive, the guide will give you a briefing to explain how to drive the swincar, and will provide you with a helmet. All the controls are on the steering wheel, making it easy for everyone to drive and accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM).
To drive the swincar, you need an A or B driving licence or a BSR (road safety certificate).
Passengers aged 3 and over.

Where to find


Swincar des Arves - E-rando des Arves

📍Saint Jean d'Arves

Bookings by telephone.
Accessible to people with reduced mobility, from age 3.

The Swincar at Les Sybelles, offered by e-Rando des Arves, is an innovative and exciting way to discover the natural wonders of the Maurienne region of Savoie. This unique activity combines the power of technology with the pleasure of outdoor adventure, offering visitors a memorable and eco-friendly experience.

e-Rando des Arves offers guided Swincar excursions in Saint Jean d’Arves and Saint Solrin d’Arves, allowing participants to discover the breathtaking scenery of Les Sybelles in a unique way. The Swincar is a revolutionary electric all-terrain vehicle, designed to tackle the most challenging terrain with agility and stability. Thanks to its innovative design with four independent drive wheels, it can overcome the most complex obstacles while offering a comfortable and safe ride.

Original excursions on the ski area

Swincar excursions in Les Sybelles offer participants unrivalled freedom of movement to explore the region’s most remote trails and spectacular scenery. Whether climbing snow-covered ski slopes, crossing frozen rivers or discovering panoramic views from alpine peaks, every Swincar ride is an epic adventure.

As well as being fun to ride, the Swincar is also environmentally friendly, being powered by an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries. This makes it a great option for visitors concerned about the environmental impact of their outdoor activities.

An experience accessible to all

The Swincar excursions offered by e-Rando des Arves are suitable for all levels of experience and physical ability. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a novice looking for a new adventure, e-Rando des Arves’ experienced guides ensure that every participant feels safe and gets the most out of the experience.

Swincar aux Sybelles by e-Rando des Arves offers a unique and exciting way to discover the natural splendours of the Maurienne region. This activity combines adventure, technology and respect for the environment, offering visitors an unforgettable experience in the heart of the French Alps.