Group lessons – Esi

Collective lessons with 5 to 10 people maximum.
Quality and safety.
Adults and children can progress in a family atmosphere!

They get the technique without even noticing, thanks to skiing games especially made for them. To jump, to play, to sing, to learn having fun to enjoy their holidays: that's the aim of group lessons for children.

Everyone will find its place and progress in keeping with his own pace in a casual atmosphere.

An ongoing evaluation all along the week will make you achieve next level without any stress.
Children are relaxed to enjoy a last lesson as active as the others.
At the end of the week, children get a booklet and a medal (included in the rate)

Group lessons are perfect to know each other and to progress in a pleasant atmosphere.

Whatever your level is, we will make sure you progress.
For begginers, it is the opportunity to know better the ski basis to balance, to slide, to change direction, to turn, to ski on your first slopes and have fun in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

For experienced skiers, we will teach you the tips to improve your technique and develop your style to play with the field and the different qulities of snow.

Another way to learn skiing for teenagers!
You want to thrill, to play with the ground, to have fun in the powder snow safely

Opening hours

From 16/12/2017 to 20/04/2018, daily.

  • Group lessons – Esi
  • Group lessons – Esi
  • Group lessons – Esi
  • Group lessons – Esi
  • Group lessons – Esi
  • Group lessons – Esi