Training Avalanche Victim Detector

This training avalanche detector is for practitioners backcountry, backcountry skiers or snowshoers safety conscious and to increase knowledge of the mountain environment.

This course is a practical approach to better understand avalanche risk nivology with a simulation and manipulation of DVA.
It is a time of training adapted to all for a concrete use of the DVA.
The intervention includes: introduction to the use ds different tools and instruments on the ground, the instruction to makeshift relief techniques and teaching approach on the ground for effective research avalanche.
Participants may bring their own equipment but if they do not have one, the material will be made available to each participant free.

Registration is in tourist office.

Opening hours

From 08/02 to 29/02/2016, every Monday between 9.30 AM and 11.30 AM.

  • Training Avalanche Victim Detector