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Snowpark, boardercross, fun pistes and area, photo spots, immersive tables and relaxation areas... Come and test the area differently!

The Sybelles® ski area offers 22 fun areas allowing you to discover the ski area in a contemplative, playful or sensational way. Make your best vacation memories.

Visit our interactive slopes map to see the opening status.

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Fun areas

The Snowpark

Head to the Sybelles® snowpark – Ouillon sector along the Gaston Express chairlift – for some intense pleasure and fun. The 4ha Snowpark des Sybelles area offers even more fun for all thanks to its level signage! Discover the equipment of the Snowpark des Sybelles :

  • 1 boarder cross XS
  • 1 line of blue level S rail modules
  • 4 red M level rail modules followed by 2 blue S jumps of 5 and 4 metres or 2 green jumps of 4 and 3 metres
  • 1 line of red and black jumps in parallel (2 red M jumps of 8 and 6 metres, 2 black jumps, 1 L jump of 8 metres and 1 XL jump of 12 metres finishing on a mixed hip step-up jump of 5 to 6 metres with a high commitment).
  • And to top it all off, a cool zone to chill out as you please facing the Aiguilles d’Arves!

The Boardercrosses

The Sybelles Boardercrosses are located:
– on the side of La Toussuire (along the Pierre du Turc blue run) and offers a 1.5km long ski cross circuit made up of 14 bends and 14 whoops, these series of mini-bumps which provide incredible sensations.
– Mont Cuinat sector on the Saint Colomban des Villards side offering a dedicated space of 600 m and 7 banked turns
– And on the Sybelles snowpark with a type S mini boarder.

The fun piste Sybille and Berold by Sybelles Explor Games®

The fun piste scripted in the colors of the Sybelles Explor Games® interactive game, located on the blue track of the Plateau de Saint Jean d’Arves and extended on the green Snail track, offers fun modules, funny turns and a photo frame for special Explor Games® souvenirs. Challenge your friends, win the quests that Sybille and Berold entrust to you, all accessible from 4 years old for the pleasure of young and old.

Snowpy Mountain fun zone

In continuity with the #sybelles – Ouillon sector, 600 m² of games, fun and relaxation await you for the pleasure of all. Mini KL track, fun track with modules, swings, picnic table, XL hammocks, cabanas and wooden deckchairs… The paradise for the Snowpy rabbit family, all as crazy as each other, but also your new activity sector. fun with family or friends. This area is also equipped with the “Les 2 Croix” chairlift supported by the “Chamois” ski lift in order to facilitate and streamline traffic around this new area.

Freeride pistes

The ski area Sybelles offers freeride areas. These are identified tracks, safe and ungroomed for all lovers of powder skiing and addicts of the ride in nature areas. Rendez-vous in Saint Sorlin d’Arves – Bartavelle slopes, Perrons Bas and Perdrix and in Le Corbier with black piste Jonquilles

Le sentier de Filou by Sybelles Explor Games®

Be as clever as Filou le fout, the troublemaker character from Sybelles Explor Games®. Head to the Lauze-Claforay sector in Saint Sorlin d’Arves to have a blast!
Filou introduces you to his mountain friends through a script, bumps and banked turns.

Relaxation areas

Skiing is good, but relaxing facing the Aiguilles d’Arves is even better! The Sybelles ski area offers 3 relaxation areas to chill as you wish: go to the Snowpy Mountain area on the La Toussuire side, on the snowpark (central area of Ouillon) with a cool area near the start chalet or even at the foot of the Gaston Express chairlift for a pure moment of relaxation on the giant hammock.

Photo/selfie spots

Reach the summits and make wonderful memories of your holidays in Les Sybelles thanks to our 6 selfie/photo spots. Strategically located at the ski lift arrivals with breathtaking views of Mont Blanc, the Aiguilles d’Arves or the 3 Lakes and the Belledonne chain, ski, click and tag @lessybelles #Ilovesybelles

Immersive tables

Immerse yourself in the magnificent 360° panoramas available to you and discover the name and altitude of the mountains available to you. Meet at the top of the 3 lakes on the St Sorlin side, at the Pointe du Corbier and at the foot of the Pierre du Turc on the La Toussuire side.

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