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6 ambassadors, 6 resorts

Sporty mother, freerider, good spirits or even committed, our 6 beautiful ambassadors - muses of the Sybelles ski area - all have their own unique personalities and showcase their Sybelles vision and the diversity offered by the ski area and its 6 unique resorts. The opportunity to discover new facets of the resorts: good addresses, favorite pistes, original ideas for outings, etc. An adventure relayed on Sybelles.ski social networks #6belles #sybelles #lessybelles.

# 6belles #sybelles #lessybelles

Their portraits


Manager of a skishop in Saint Sorlin d’Arves, Justine loves the mountains through one of her passions: photography. Very invested in her activity of renting ski equipment, Justine likes to meet her friends in the evening in a good restaurant serving Savoyard specialties or in an atmospheric bar in the village.

Her favorite piste : the red panoramic piste (4,2km)
Her best address : share a Sybel’miche with friends at the Hors Piste restaurant

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An accomplished mother, Manue is the director of the Saint Jean d´Arves tourist office. Very involved in the development of tourism in the area, Manue is committed to transmitting to her children a taste for the real and for local products. Her husband breeds Tarine and Abondance cows which produce milk for the Arves cooperative – Beaufort factory. Whenever she can, she takes the chairlift to admire the view of the Aiguilles d’Arves.

Her favorite piste: the blue Lait piste (2.2km)
Her best address: a pedagogic family visit to the Arves honey farm

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Mother of 2 rather active boys, Solenn is in charge of promoting Saint Colomban des Villards. Born in this wild valley at the foot of the Glandon pass, Solenn enjoys doing many activities with her children around her home: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing up to an altitude chalet or in a wild nature, skiing up to the mountain. ‘Ouillon – the lively heart of the Sybelles estate… Its playground is endless.

Her favorite piste : Mont-Cuinat boardercross (600m, 7 bends)
Her best address : Gain altitude thanks to Ormet snowshoes itinrerary

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Or rather Jess ’… A sports teacher, native and living in Les Bottières resort, Jess has found his little piece of paradise. Her village – on a human scale – where everyone knows each other, her Les Sybelles ski area that she knows by heart and that she likes to show her friends on weekends, her freerando spots that she likes to climb early in the morning alone facing the effort, nature with a breathtaking view of the Aiguilles d’Arves.

Her favorite piste : the red Chavonnerie piste
Her best address : take the freerando route Les Bottières / Grand Truc at sunrise

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Ultra sporty and committed to the life of her resort – Le Corbier – Jane is an ESF ski instructor. Her resort is her whole life! Her family, restaurateurs and instructors, have been part of the faces of Le Corbier for many years. She loves to pass on her love for skiing. She also likes to challenge herself like doing freestyle figures in the Sybelles snowpark. After her lessons, she takes off her instructor’s outfit to take care of her horses.

Her favorite piste : the red Combe piste (1380m)
Her best adress : have fun between 2 ski lessons in the Jonquilles freeride area

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A dance teacher and in love with her resort of La Toussuire, Joséphine likes to take full advantage of the Sybelles ski area and hurtle down the slopes. Ultra athletic and in love with “beauty”, Joséphine feels close to nature and free. After a few years elsewhere, the call of the mountains was stronger. She likes to walk around Toussuire, do dance figures on the #sybelles, eat in mountain restaurants with her friends, in short take full advantage of the exceptional environment in which she lives.

Her favorite piste : the red piste Grand Truc (900m)
Her best address : wellness moment with friends in Sources des Alpes spa

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